Why Acrylic

Mold and mildew need two things to grow: moisture and food.  Grout is porous enough to trap impurities (food) and allow water to collect in these spaces, where these fungi can grow, protected from chemical cleaners.  Mold presents a potentially dangerous health hazard. The surface of your bath area is porous as well, and therefore absorbs the chemicals you clean with.  Rinsing only washes away a percentage of the chemicals, to get to the dirt mold and mildew, you have to resort to abrasive cleaners that scratch your surfaces and dull them over time.  When you close the drain and fill the tub, your family bathes in the remaining chemicals! 

Below are the options available to homeowners updating their bathroom

Reglazing is a temporay solution thats toxic, prone to peeling and can take up to 7 days to cure.

Fiberglass is an inexpensive solution, but it stains easily once the micro-thin gel coat erodes. It’s also  prone to corner stress cracking, ages poorly, difficult to clean, maintain and repair and only reaches 5 feet above the tub leaving exposed dry wall.

Ceramic Tile  can be quite beautiful aesthetically, it will eventually become a maintenance and cleaning nightmare. If the grout is not resealed every 6-12 months, water will penetrate through the substrate creating water damaged drywall, mold, and wood rot. The grout can also be porous requiring scrubbing with a wire brush to remove embedded soap and shampoo residue. 

Marble and Granite  will provide a contemporary and upscale appearance for the bath, it is not very practical for everyday use. Aside from offering the most expensive of all materials, it is also the most porous, allowing soap, shampoo, bath oils, minerals, and other residue to embed in the surface making it virtually impossible to keep clean. It is also the most time consuming often taking 2-3 weeks to restore the bath to a functional working condition.

Do Nothing  and continue with the status quo for the bath enclosure, it will wind up being the most expensive of all the alternatives listed here. With remodeling prices rising every season, the most costly option is to defer the inevitable and watch soaring costs and inflation wreak havoc with home improvement prices over time. Additionally, years of water penetration can also lead to more serious issues such as water damaged dry wall, mold remediation, and wood rot. 

Acrylic Wall Surrounds and Tubs are non-porous, mold and mildew resistant, acid and alkali resistant, impact resistant, as easy to clean as spray and wipe and are UV stabilized, which will never bleach, yellow or fade. Acrylic’s  aesthetically pleasing high gloss luster reflects light and enhances size of room and keeps  water hotter up to 4 times longer than a steel or cast iron tub. According to realtors, the two most important rooms that help sell a house are the kitchen and bathroom. Acrylic Bathroom remodeling offers the second highest return on investment for all home improvement projects at 102.2%