Shower Solutions

 A Prime Baths Wall System installed by Primo are all from floor to ceiling, which guarantees zero chance of water penetration.  We utilize Prime Baths oversized wall panels that are custom cut on the job site, we can follow any existing contour in the bathroom.  The joints to these wall panels are sealed with 100% color- matched silicone sealant with antimicrobial protection. 

Unlike many other companies, Primo will not install a wall system over a wall that may not be structurally sound, so we strongly believe at Primo Designs, that the only way of knowing this, is to remove any existing walls in the shower enclosure. The area is then inspected for mold, mildew and wood rot, any repairs that are needed will then be discussed with the homeowner. Once the repairs are complete, new dry walls go up before the acrylic panels are installed. By no means is this an industry standard, but by taking this extra precautionary step, you can rest assure that you will enjoy your worry shower enclosure for years to come!

  We carry over 80 contemporary colors & patterns  in the industry. From the classic selection of solid colors to the stone-like finishes of the designer series, Prime Baths has a color and style for every décor. Exclusive Prime Baths antimicrobial protection fights the growth of mold, mildew and microbes on the surface with a  4-layer construction featuring the world’s finest polymers. Our color matched sealants are 100% silicone that contain antimicrobial which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the the surface. With built in elastomers that allow for expansion and contraction under temperature, it is 100% guaranteed to remain flexible and not crack for the lifetime of the sealant. This product cannot be purchased anywhere other than a Prime Baths dealer.

* Walls are available in 11 colors including marbleized walls that resemble real stone.

* Walls are available in six different simulated tile patterns: 4 x 4, Subway, 8 x 8, 10 x 10     

   Rosette, 12 x 12, Random, and Smooth.

* Matching Shower Pans available with every wall color

* One of the best draining pans in North America

* Wainscot walls are available in same as above along with bead board acrylic.

* Custom window kits are available to trim out any window with maintenance-free acrylic.

* Decorative trim for a fit and finished look.

* Over 30 accessories that color compliment to your wall system.

* Optional Ceiling Panels also available