Shower Doors

With your beautiful, brand new shower /Tub enclosure, it would be a terrible shame to hide it with a shower curtain!  As a matter of fact, with our Euro-style doors will turn what you used to hide into one of the first rooms you’ll want to show off!

  All our Shower Doors are trackless and frameless, eliminating the high maintenance grooved tracks of the past. Shower Doors now feature a smooth bar on bottom that channels the water and soap back into the shower pan. On the bar is a 4” plastic guide that keeps the doors in place. The rollers have been relocated under the header on top, away from the water spray, so the doors can now glide freely. 

  Prime Baths Glass Protection powered by Invisible Shield® provides a unique, hydrophobic, water, soil, and stain repellent coating. By protecting glass to actively repel water and restrict the adhesion and build-up of all foreign matter, it can be washed with clear water or common wash solutions without the use of abrasives and strong acids or alkalis. Protected glass looks better, stays cleaner, and is easier to maintain.Prime Baths Glass Protection powered by Invisible Shield is a durable coating. With regular treated surface maintenance your Glass Protection will last a lifetime.

  In the same way, water will sheet off, the glass won’t fog-up, so you can always show off your beautiful bath without worrying about water spots or streaks.  BCI®-10 protectant is applied through a ‘covalent bonding’ process, not ‘ionic bonding’.  The difference is that ionic-bonded protectants are water soluble and can break down under exposure to heat. Prime Baths product won’t, because their  covalent bonding process makes it heat-resistant.